Connecting Generations-In Schools

Connecting Generations-In Schools brings 20120224292 together students with adults in the community for conversations about interests, skills and life experiences.

A student who is is involved in project-based learning or is working on an independent studies course has the benefit of real-life knowledge and experience through the eyes of  an adult. This year we have seen more students opting to study independently, from illustrated recipe books, song writing to documentary videos and research on the digestive system. Conversations with a publisher, photographer, writers, musicians and a dietitian are just a few of the meetings of youth and adults that are taking place.

Students studying Socials or History have the opportunity to meet seniors who can tell them about their experiences during the Depression or the Second World War, first-hand accounts which bring history alive. 

A Salt Spring resident who was interned at the end of the war visits classrooms every semester to tell the students what this experience has meant in her life.

Connecting Generations-In Schools also gives students the opportunity to explore employment and vocational options when they talk with adults who are pursuing a career which interests them. This semester, local professionals and business owners are visiting a Planning class to speak with small groups of students, address the whole class or engage in one-to-one conversations with individual students.

For the last 2 years a group of up to 6 enthusiastic adults have visited the English as a Second Language classroom once or even twice a week. These one to one conversations have make all the difference to students from Asia, South America and Europe and not just to their English… 

Last year adults also spent time in 2 of our Elementary schools, having conversations with students once a week on a one-to-one basis or with small groups of students. In the Middle School a forum on creativity took place last February and a local dance teacher/yoga instructor has just started to coach the Middle School Dance Club… 

If you are interested in getting involved with any of these activities, please Contact Us!

The Bridge Programs

20120224059The Connecting Generations “umbrella” has included 3 projects funded through Service Canada’s Youth Awareness program, Bridging the Gap, Building the Bridge and this year, Making Space for Mentoring.

Bridging the Gap

program took place in 2010/2011. Forums for Tourism and Hospitality, the Arts and Entrepreneurship, Health and the Helping Professions and  Business and Finance were held during the school year, followed by 2 skills workshops which focused on the importance of collaboration, creativity and communication.

Click here to view the Project Evaluation Bridging the Gap, July 2011.

Building the Bridge 

program took place in 2011/2012. Youth worked collaboratively with local website designers, photographers and graphic artists to design a brochure and this website for Connecting Generations! Sessions included opportunities for reflection on the key skills needed for working in the 21st century.

Click here to view the Project Evaluation Building the Bridge, July 2012.

Making Space                                                                            

program took place in 2012/13. An intergenerational team looked this at creating support resources for mentors and adults interested in becoming involved in the Connecting Generations mentorship programs. Through the support of Service Canada and a Collaborative Research grant from the Ministry of Education, resources include

  • a survey of local adults and youth with or without experience in mentorship
  • a review of existing resources 
  • a collection of video vignettes of success stories
  • a Connecting Generations “game” created by our intergenerational team.


20120224231Plugged In gives youth the opportunity to tutor adults in computer skills and the use of social media.

  • in 2012 members of the Salt Spring chapter of the Canadian University Women’s club attended group sessions. Topics included the use of “Apps”, how to download Podcasts and navigating the world of Facebook. Sessions continued on a monthly basis during the Spring. 
  • for the last 3 years several GISS students living on Pender have offered classes for seniors in basic computer skills. 
  • this year Connecting Generations and Salt Spring Literacy are collaborating to support more youth to coach adult learners in both computer skills and technology and English as a Second Language

If you are interested in participating either as an adult learner or a young tutor please Contact Us!