Magic at SIMS

36 Grade 7 students and 15 adults explored the connections between magic and creativity in a forum that took place at Salt Spring Middle School on Wednesday, 26th February. 2 hours passed quickly with cheese wax sculpting, drawing and story telling in addition to the very popular magic tricks. Students reported that they “really enjoyed speaking to all these creative people“. 

abracadabra wax sculpting4In the words of one of the adultsI had some lovely conversations with the ‘youth’ – which could at times be confusing, because they could be so mercurial, one minute so very subject to the ways the social winds were blowing, and the next making the most potent and even devastating observations, wanting to talk about the most important things. One had to pay very close attention, and look for moments to ride off with them on…

For a summary of youth and adult feedback:  Abracadabra_Forum_Feedback.

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