News for the New Year

2016-10-27 00.01.10 (1)On February 16th a youth-led, all day, all school Wellness Summit is taking place. 40 facilitators of 34 workshops will be sharing personal stories of how they overcame challenges, addressing difficult subjects, inviting discussion, offering suggestions and showing how through conversation and connection we can each of us find our own capacity for wellness. Through the generosity of Coast Capital, Country Grocer on Salt Spring, the District Parent Advisory Committee, the Local Action Team and the GISS PAC, we will be able to cover travel/accommodation costs of those who are coming from off island, offer a lunch for everyone in attendance and an honorarium for those who are not facilitating a workshop as part of their work. We appreciate enormously the support of the Salt Spring Community Services, VIHA and all who are making this big event possible!

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